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 Happy Halloween people. Today it’s the official Halloween day but the whole weekend has been crazy here in Los Angeles with so many parties. Attempting to attend even half of all the parties would’ve been impossible ha ha.

Personally I had the most lazy Halloween and only went to one party Saturday. I went to a private house party at a mansion in Beverly Hills. I didn’t have a costume till late Saturday so everything was very last minute. I ended up just buying a black and white wig and dress up as Cruella De Ville. Tonight, the 31st October most of West Hollywood and Hollywood shuts down for the big Halloween parade. Thousands of people all get dressed up and walk the streets of West Hollywood. It’s basically one huge party that causes the worst traffic in Los Angeles ha ha.


There was so many good costumes all weekend but my personal favorite celebrity costume is Kylie Jenner as Christina Aguilera from her famous Dirty video. It’s so amazing and she looks so good!


Right behind Kylie Jenner comes Katy Perry. Katy and a CAA agent dressed as Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton and Orlando Bloom as Donald Trump.


Katy Perry’s boyfriend Orlando Bloom as Donald Trump.


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