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I was hospitalized with a deadly infection

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As much of you know from my Instagram Story (follow here) or my Snapchat (Victoriahbech) I’ve been in and out of the hospital for a while now. I haven’t really spoken about it much except little snaps from the hospital, etc. The truth is I was extremely sick – sicker than I probably even know or can understand. img_7773

I’ve been sick since dec 5th where it all started with a wisdom tooth extraction. First day it was fine then I woke up with severe pain and a swollen face. I obviously contacted my dentist and I went back and he treated me for a dry socket. A dry socket is blood cloth and very painfull and mine required stitches. The pain continued and I got prescribed strong pain meds. Unfortunately I got an allergic reaction to the pain meds and I was throwing up 3-4 days NONSTOP – I damn near threw up on Kylie Jenner but that is another story. Mind you the day I got stitches was the official release date of my new single and music video “Machine Gun Love” – perfect timing not!

 Besides nonstop puking, my stitches came up, my jaw went into an extreme jaw spasm and the pain got unbearable – and let’s not forget my face was huuuuuge. My face was actually so swollen that it was impossible to open my mouth for the next 10 days. After seeing doctors, my dentist and a oral surgeon who had to give meover 10 topical injections to even examine me. I got urgently admitted to the hospital Saturday the 17th. At this time I had taken antibiotics and ANY and EVERY pain medication there is on the market and I was high AF but nothing was helping with my pain. I’m used to pain and injuries from being a dancer my whole life but I had never experienced pain that literally had me screaming and yelling like lunatic.

As I got to the emergency room I started to get huge blisters on my gums and within an hour of getting a CT scan I was in emergency surgery. They found out I had a rare and deadly bacteria and infection in my jaw bone going all the way up to my ear and in my cheek bone right under the eye. I also had a 3 cm big abscess filled with liquid infected posh. They cut open my whole gum and emptied out the abscess. When I woke up from surgery I had a huge drain inside my gums coming out through my teeth – that crap was uncomfortable and painfull as shit especially when they pulled it out.

The yellow plastic is the drain I had inside my gum.


My face was severely swollen on the inside as well outside which added more pressure to everything. Infection in the facial bone can be deadly and the doctors compared bone infection as painful as given birth. Since it was so severe and inside my face they were afraid the infection might go to my brain as I was starting to loose sight on my right eye.

After 5 days of being unable to get out of my bed, taking 11 antibiotics, extreme pain meds every 10 minutes, being seen by 6 specialist every day I still didn’t get much better. I got another CT scan and a MRI and they  then discovered a deeper pocket (abscess) that was also infected but was behind major blood vessels and that surgery is high risk and would leave a big scar across my face – No thanks 😉

 The 7 days I spend at the hospital was miserable. Due to my bad eye sight I wasn’t able to have any light in my room, read books, magazines or watch TV. I had a breathing machine, seven IV’s, was unable to eat, had my blood drawn every hour to keep an eye on my white blood counts (indicates infection), throwing up, unable of controlling my bathroom habits, no showers and they couldn’t even brush my teeth. It wasn’t till the 5th day they took me or at least attempted to make me do a lap around the hallway – assisted by 2-3 people. That’s when I realized I was at the VIP/Penthouse at Cedars Sinai Hospital surrounded by celebrities and severe ill people. It’s always great to walk past your favorite comedian Kevin Hart while you are trying not to throw up, poop in your pants, with a swollen football face and walking around in granny undies given by the hospital lol.



Late Christmas Eve the 24th of December I got discharged but only was allowed to leave since I had a home nurse come to my house to draw blood and observe me. I also got a piccline/IV in my arm (they basically push a string inside your vein all the way to your heart while you are WIDE awake) where I had to give myself antibiotics every day and off course I took a million different pain meds and oral antibiotics.

My Piccline/IV and no you can’t get it wet and I had it for a month.



They extended my IV/piccline till the 17th of January since my white blood counts went back up after being released which indicated the deadly bacteria wasn’t gone, deadly and might travel to my brain still. The following weeks after being discharged I was in and out of my doctors offices and finally they determined from a MRI that the bacteria and infection was gone!!! So you would think the whole thing was over then but no.

Now I had to get out of my severe pain medicine and that was so hard. I have never had an addicting personality and I have never smoked or things like that. So when I was going through heavy withdrawals I literally thought I was dying. I would wake up in my bed soaked in sweat while I was freezing – the first time I thought I accidentally peed in my bed ha. My body was itching like I had a million ants crawling on me and I was so nauseas. I had the worst body ache and the most extreme muscle cramps you can imagine. I was freezing cold one minute then soaked in sweat. I had to sit in the shower to somehow gain control over my body. It took me a whole weekend where I had to take even more pain meds just to stabilize my body before I could slowly start detoxing. I’m still cold all the time which is hard to imagine when you live in Los Angeles ha ha. Furthermore my body has a very hard time relaxing enough to sleep. I honestly don’t remember the last time I had a full nights sleep without my alarm going off or a nurse waking me up to give me medication. Yesterday was the first time I was alone the whole day because I had to have someone watch me at all times.

I lost a lot of weight and I actually got too skinny at one point (never thought those words should come out of my mouth lol). I haven’t been able to promote my new music video “Machine Gun Love”, haven’t been able to work, work out, walk my dogs, go out with my friends etc. It has literally been one of the most miserable times of my life. I have never been sick before and it really puts everything in perspective and shows who is really there for you. Besides the pain it is so frustrating being stuck in a situation that you have no control over. I hated every minute of laying in bed not being able to participate in life. I’m still struggling a little bit with getting back out in world – it’s almost scary because I’ve been in my own little bubble for two months.

Sorry for this loooooong post – hopefully you guys didn’t fall asleep. I know the pictures aren’t the prettiest but  they show real life and real pain. I feel like I owe you guys an explanation and I feel horrible for not getting back to everyone who’s been messaging me, texting me, facebooking me etc showing their concerns. It was simply just too overwhelming for me and honestly I wasn’t able to look at my phone screen for the longest. But I’ll continue to keep you posted about my recovery – stay tuned I’m just getting started in taking over the world 😉


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  • Colle

    Think you must be the strongest person i know! How awful a time 🙁 So good to know you are feeling better! And how perfekt – a new celeb in the VIP Victoriah Bech ❤️❤️❤️ Lots of love to you and healing

    Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar
  • Camilla

    Wow! Glad for du er okay! Det er fandme uhyggeligt at man kan få en så dødlig infektion! Håber du recover de næste par uger! ❤hilsen en læser fra San fran!

    Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar
    • Victoriah Bech

      Tak for dine soede ord. Fedt at du foelger med fra San Fran <3

      Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar

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