I was hospitalized with a deadly infection

What? Engagement party! Shit.

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I just remembered I have to attend an engagement party this weekend. Since it’s good friends of mine that invited me I obviously RSVP yes right away but when I realized it is this weekend I was like hold on a second lol. Am I suppose to bring a gift, what do you wear at engagement parties, is it a sit down dinner etc. I have been to several American weddings before and let me tell you it is a hard world to navigate through haha. One thing I’ve learned is that you bring the actual wedding gift to the bridal shower – NOT the wedding trust me I already made that mistake.

They take “wedding etiquette rules” really serious here in Los Angeles and there is so many events prior to the actual wedding. With that being said weddings are the most fun parties I have ever been to out here. Well to avoid messing up I decided to Google “engagement party” because we know Google is always right;-) I found out through googling that it is not standard to bring an actual gift to an engagement party so I think I’ll bring something small as a sweet gesture. Also I think it is really rude showing up empty handed to a party or gathering. Which I’ve experienced is a big culture difference between us Danes and Americans. For example if I invite my American friends over for dinner, over for drinks or even a birthday party most likely nobody will bring anything?! I don’t think I’ve ever went to a birthday party without a present and if I show up empty handed at my friends house it’s simply because they strictly told me not to bring anything. In the beginning of living in L.A. I really had to adapt and learn not to take it personal and now I’m just lucky some of my best American girlfriends actually naturally do it just because they are the sweetest <3

Anyways you can come with me to the engagement party by adding me on Snapchat (Victoriahbech) or my Instagram<3

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I was hospitalized with a deadly infection