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I met an Oscar Winner: Naomie Harris

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It was a very eventful Oscar’s show last night from beautiful gowns, inspiring speeches, amazing performances but the most eventful thing was probably when La La Land was announced winner of “Best Picture” just to find out they didn’t win! After the whole cast was on stage and three speeches later it was announced that it was the wrong winner and “Moonlight” actually won!!!! How crazy is that! Apparently the presenter was given the wrong envelope and therefore announced the wrong winner.

I saw “Moonlight” and the actors and actresses in that movie are amazing! It’s about a young black gay male growing up in a poor neighborhood with a drug addict as a mother. His struggle to accept who he is, is told in three parts. The movie is very artsy but “Best supporting actor” winner Mahershala Ali and Naomie Harris did an outstanding job.

I had the pleasure to meet and chat with Naomie Harris at The InStyle Magazine Golden Globe party and she was so sweet! I found out that Naomie Harris only had THREE days to film her part in “Moonlight” due to VISA issues because she is British. Yet she still got nominated for “Best supporting actress” and the movie won “Best Picture”. It so incredible to experience the presence of such a #dreamer & kind soul and it just proves if you really want something you will find a way to make it happen.

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