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Ben Nye VS. Laura Mercier translucent powder

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I’ve always use a setting powder/ translucent powder to set my makeup. Whether I’m wearing a full face or a light makeup. I’ve been using Laura Mercier‘s translucent powder and really like it except for the price ($38). Also every single time I’ve bought the powder the container breaks which means I loose so much of the expensive powder ha ha. I actually purchased a different container that I transfer my Laura Mercier translucent powder into. I go this extra length because I really like the product but I do think it’s a tad expensive. Therefore I decided to try Ben Nye translucent power instead. Their big jar contains 8.0 oz and only cost $11!!!!! Which is way better than Laura Mercier for $38 for 1 oz.

I know Makeup By Mario – Kim Kardashian‘s in-house makeup artist is a very big fan of Ben Nye. I think she uses the Banana which is more yellow. I bought the Fair Skin color since I prefer my translucent powder with no color and my skin also has a pink undertone compare to Kim’s olive tone.

I haven’t worn makeup since I  bought it yesterday but I’ll let you guys know how I like it. I mean it would be amazing if I could save the extra money.

Translucent Powder helps set your cream makeup such as contour, foundation, concealer, highlight so your face doesn’t look oily or shiny. It is also really good for avoiding your mascara to get under your eyes. A translucent powder doesn’t add colorist is a sheer, colorless facial powder – I highly recommend applying it with a large brush or a beauty blender. 

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