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Bad news: Another Surgery

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Last week I went to the hospital to see my surgeon. I thought it was going to be a quick check up and he was going to tell me everything was fine since I’m every day feeling a little better – besides still feeling exhausted and fatigue. Well I was wrong….

My doctors and my surgeon had looked over my x-rays and they have discovered that I need another surgery!!!! Apparently one of my other wisdom teeth is growing into my jawbone or to be specific the jaw bone that was infected with the deadly bacteria. Therefore they in surgery need to remove the tooth as soon as possible without affecting my bone structure. The risk of the infection coming back is a lot higher with a tooth growing into the bone.  If that’s the case the infection can spread out again if they don’t remove the tooth. Unfortunately my body isn’t strong enough for another surgery due to all the antibiotics I’ve been on and the past infection. I’ll have to wait six months before they can do the surgery. They don’t think the surgery will be a big one but due to the deadly bacteria my Infectious Disease Specialist will have to put me on an aggressive antibiotica treatment 1-2 weeks prior and after the surgery to avoid any complications or infections.

At first I thought it was a joke. I mean, come on what are the odds that my other wisdom tooth is growing into the bone that was highly infected?! It just seems so crazy! Even my surgeon was jokingly asking if I could please have another doctor do the surgery due to the risks that comes with operating on me. Ha ha.

Now I’ll just have to wait it out and spend the next six months on getting back to my normal self by eating healthy, relaxing and hopefully slowly getting stronger and stronger. Oh funny little note, they first asked me to come in to do the surgery on August 7th!!!!! Which is my BIRTHDAY! I was like ohhhhhh nooooo. You already took away my Christmas and New Years Eve I will not allow you to take my birthday too!!! Ha!


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