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Lately I’ve been really busy with photo shoots, writing music, taking photos for a book so my creativity has been used elsewhere and unfortunately not on my blog. But I’ve been creating a lot of good content and I’m excited to share it with you. As I’m sitting here preparing for my next photoshoot I wanted to share these items with you. The shoot will take place at a really amazing studio in Downtown Los Angeles. We are going for a sporty look and I’ll most likely be wearing something from Adidas. So as I was going over the outfits I found these Adidas Styles on Asos that I really liked. I actually kin doc want them all – of course ha ha.

Hope you guys like them too – below the picture there is direct link to the shop.


1.Here/ 2.Here/ 3.Here/ 4.Here/ 5.Here/ 6.Here/ 7.Here/ 8.Here


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#SillySundays - funny memes