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Loose 22lbs in 6 weeks!!!

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We all want to loose a few pounds but few have the time to work out every day or stick to a strict diet. As you might know Mama-Zanne is a hypnotherapist and she has an online platform with over 80 hypnosis audio files.

Over the last 6 weeks she has lost 22 lbs (10kg) without any extra exercise or strict diet but SIMPLY by listening to a weight loss MP3 file from her platform before bedtime. I immediately started to listen to same MP3 files and I’m already feeling a difference.

You can subscribe on Businessbetterlife.com which gives you access to all 80 hypnosis audio files not only the amazing weight loss files. There’s audio files for everything from anxiety, stress, quit smoking, insomnia, fear of flying, fear of heights, allergies, motivation, literally anything you can think of. By subscribing you get access for three months and can freely listen to the all the files for three months for 300kr. The site also have great e-books.





Hypnosis is not some mysterious mind game it is clinically proven therapy and solely helps you change habits and daily patterns but only if you have a wish to do so. The power of hypnosis only works if you want it to so don’t worry you don’t suddenly wake up running around like a crazy chicken 😉


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up to 75% sale on MissGuided