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I know a lot of you guys are traveling to amazing fun places over the Summer – hopefully I will too ha ha. I find it challenging to pack for vacations because I always want to bring clothes for all every scenario, sightseeing, beach day, night time etc. So I’ve come to realize that the key is to find items that you can use for multiple occasions.

I’m really into t-shirt dresses and I happen to find this super cool and detailed “I Spy Cut Out Graphic Day Dress” Get it here from Tobi.

It has so many cool details that makes it unique and perfect to bring on summer vacation. Dress it up with heels for a night out or a pair of sneakers for sightseeing. I would even put it on over my bikini for a day by the beach.

Just a friendly reminder that Tobi is offering free shipping with no minimum purchase on all orders to Australia. So shop away and <3

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