Best Hollywood facial ever!!

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Recently I visited Skin By Carla to get a hydra facial with LED lights. This type of facial is the new thing here in Los Angeles and many celebrities get one before a red carpet  or something like because there is no downtime. Your skin will instantly have a glow and looked refreshed. My skin felt tight and the same night I got plenty of compliments on my skin.

Carla uses the latest technology and the hydra facial is a hydradermabrasion procedure that cleanses, exfoliates, extracts and hydrates using a Vortex-fusion to induce antioxidants and peptides to give you an amazing glow. The treatment is completely pain free and only takes 45-60 minutes.

Skin By Carla is located in Beverly Hills right next to the Christian Louboutin Store. If you get your treatment before Valentines Day you’ll receive 15% off your treatment. 

Find out exactly what this new facial is about below:

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My must-have make up

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A lot of people ask about my make up so I decided to put together a collage of my ultimate must have make up products that you can always find in my beauty bag. I really love BareMinerals because their products don’t make me break out ad they feel very light on the skin.

I love Anastasia’s contour kit but to save money I mainly use the powder one and use the NYX stick. Honestly you don’t need the whole palette to do a good contour. With the NYX wonder stick you get the dark color to contour and the light to highlight – it’s amazing and a lot cheaper than buying the whole patellate with six colors.

Learn how to contour here. 

Hope you’ll enjoy these products as much as I do <3

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  1. here / 2. here / 3. here / 4. here / 5. here / 6. here  (use with no.7) / 7. here / 8. here  (use with no.9)/ 9. here

Remember the time when Kylie Jenner had a major contour fail? See more HERE.

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If you are like me an millions of other girls you have probably tried or are still using EOS lip balm. After yesterday you probably won’t apply that anymore to your chapped lips.

Yesterday a huge lawsuit was filed against the company EOS after multiple girls are claiming they got major rashes, blisters and caused them to bleed. According to the many girls they applied the lip balm believing it would help heal their chapped lips. Instead only after few days they all experienced similar issues: cracked lips, dry skin around the mouth, blood and major blisters.

Eos posted the message below to calm the storm and promising their customer that the Eos Lip Balm is safe to use.

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 23.06.12

Personally I’ve never felt like the Eos lip balm helped or healed chapped lips. I bought it mostly because I saw celebrities use it and the package looked cute. The girls experiencing these very unpleasant results after using the lip balm could all just be allergic to the same ingredients – which is very unfortunate.

We are all different and all react differently but my advice is to always use lip balms that are natural or organic and make sure they are oil based and NOT water based. Water based lip balms makes your chapped lips much worse especially in cold weather!!!!

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What did I just do?!

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As you guys know I’ve been thinking about chopping off my long locks for a sorter look. I guess you can say that just happened – yup the long locks are gone!!

Yesterday my friend and hairdresser Charlie came over and gave me the coolest new hair cut. It is a lot shorter than what I’m used to – like a lot shorter. But it is fun to try something new and I can always just put my favorite Djarling extensions in 😉


IMG_0142 IMG_0143 IMG_0141


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Last chance to win!!!!!!!

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I’ve decided to do a giveaway 🙂 I’m giving away a six amazing products from Proactive+ and a guide on how to use the products correctly.

The package has a Skin purifying mask, Pore targeting treatment, Skin smoothing exfoliator, Complexion perfecting hydrator, Advanced dark spot correcting serum, Complexion perfecting hydrator and Makeup cleaning wipes. 

These six products that I’m giving away is a way to get clear and radiant skin. I don’t know any girl who doesn’t want flawless skin so I’m so excited to give these six products away to the lucky winner.

All six skin care products can be yours – all you have to do is:

1. Share this post on your Facebook.

2. Follow me on Instagram @Victoriahbech here. 

You have two weeks to participate in this awesome giveaway <3


Rules of participation: There will only be one winner. There is no age limit and the giveaway includes international and national participants. If the winner does not respond within 5 days a new winner will be picked. 

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