Sweets from home<3

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I love when friends and family brings or sends me stuff from home. There’s just something special about a little gift from Denmark especially when it comes to food or candy. It’s so hard to find candy like we have it back home so this huge bag of mixed candy is so yummy and very appreciated. Thank you to my partner in crime Ida’s little brother for bringing me this 🙂


My partner in crime Ida’s family just arrived in Los Angeles – see more here. 

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A taste of Denmark in Los Angeles

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We are so lucky that we have a real danish bakery here in Los Angeles; Copenhagen Pastry. It’s owned by a danish couple so everything is 100% authentic and so yummy – like a taste of home. 

Copenhagen Pastry has almost everything a bakery back home has – even Rye bread – but my favorite thing is their “Romkugle”. A Romkugle meets between a chocolate cake & truffle with 100% cocoa and rum.  Rolled in Dark Chocolate and chocolate sprinkles.

As of now Copenhagen Pastry has two locations in Los Angeles; one in Culver City and Pasadena.

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Night out at Barton G

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Last night I went to Barton G in Los Angeles. It a very hip and new trendy restaurant – it’s a combination of fine dining and fun dining. Each meal is served in a unique way, the presentation is an over the top experience and most importantly the food is tasty!

Eating there is really fun and a full experience for both eyes and mouth 😉

The Salmon with lobster pop tarts and saffron veggies was so delicious. It came out with a big green fish Ha ha.

The drinks are served with a popsicle of vodka that has to melt into the glass with the rest of the mix. Really fun.

The curry lamb with a spicy yam was very good too. The meat was perfectly cooked and so tender. In case you forgot what you ordered just read the sign;)


As an appetizer we got popcorn shrimp – literally! Our shrimp was served in an old school  popcorn machine with popcorn ha ha! Not only was it the best popcorn shrimp I’ve ever had it was definitely also an experience for the eyes.

It was a really fun night. The atmosphere is great even on a Monday. If you ever get a hanse to try out Barton G you should 🙂

Day Party In Los Angeles

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I completely forgot to share my fun Saturday with y’all. It was our friend Mikael’s birthday so he invited us to brunch and bottomless mimosas. Since it was a million degrees outside he changed the location from a Mexican restaurant to restaurant that is designed as a beach lounge. 

The food was really yummy and the waiter kept the bottomless mimosas coming so we had a greaaaat time!

Btw I don’t know the guy in the blue shirt (and I don’t want to know him lol) but yea he really photobombed my picture! #Annoying. If I could take out the guy in the blue the picture would actually be a lot better. BUt you get the idea right? The restaurant is in the middle of the city designed as a beach 🙂 

After brunch we walked over to another bar and on the way the group dared me to get on the horse. I mean don’t dare me because I will totally do it ha ha! FYI since it was a million degrees outside the silver horse was burning hot and i burned my thighs ha ha but anything for the gram right? #InstagramAddict

We ended up stopping by 3-4 different bars and lounges. We were a big group so it was a lot of fun:) 

No birthday without a private dance so of course us girls made sure we stopped by The Abbey and made sure he got a lap dance ha ha! #DollarBills 

To finish a great day we met up with my favorite couple Elif and Kevni. First we went to Sur (yes the restaurant from the TV show “Vanderpump Rules” owned by Lisa Vanderpump) after hanging out there for a little we went down the street to our favorite gay bar “The Abbey”.

The birthday brunch started at noon and we went in bed till 3pm. I had so much fun and it was great hanging out with awesome people all day but daaaaaang I forgot how exhausting day parties are. Sunday was brutal. I was so tired all day but it was definitely worth it 😉

Dine-in theater 

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First of all let me apologize for the quality of the pictures lol – but taking pictures while at the movies is very limited, the light sucks and I didn’t have my partner in crime Ida with me lol.

Okay so the post wasn’t suppose to be a bunch of excuses for my bad pictures but was actually about me going to IPic which is a dine-in theater to see “Focus” with Will Smith and Margot Robbie. #SoAmerican. It’s a regular theater you just have a much larger seat, pillows, blankets, a table and a full menu with food, drinks & sweets. Oh and popcorn is free. #ImportantSideNote

Each seats has an iPad with a full menu and by full I mean like any other restaurant. When you are ready to order you press a little button and your server comes out. Throgh out the movie you can continuously order more food, drinks or sweets.

I wanted to show you what we ordered but it was too dark to take a picture during the movie 😉 We ordered cesar salad wraps, truffle fries, delicious strawberry and mint drinks  🙂

If you ever come across a Dine-In Movie Theater I definitely recommend you try it out. It is so much fun and super cozy 🙂