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I’ve had a couple of sick days and I’m so exhausted and feel so fatigue from all my pain meds and antibiotics. Therefore I’ve had to cancel some meetings, studio time etc. I really miss doing my thing and working on my craft as an artist. I’m so creative and emotional so not using that part of my brain is horrible and makes me so depressed. As many of you guys I love to listen to music but it has to be loud – probably why my hearing today is so bad haha. There is nothing better than listening to a song and it takes you on a ride through different emotions and makes you forget time and place. It can be new songs, old songs, slow songs, fast songs but that moment you connect with it is the best. Lately I’ve been living out my creative side by listening to a lot of music and I decided to share the songs I have on repeat right now. They are all very different and all makes me feel very different.

“Over” by Syd


“Loosing” by H.E.R

“I Get Around” by 2Pac Ft. Shock G & Money-B


“Zaddy” by Ty Dolla$

“Tru” by Lloyd


Photo by Kevin Arnold

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My New Music Video: Machine Gun Love

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It’s been a while – like a very long time since I last blogged. I know I promised you guys that I would be back on my blog but then I got sick with a deadly infection, had emergency surgery and spend Christmas at the hospital but I’ll tell you more about in another post.

This post is to share my newest baby; my NEW music video “Machine Gun Love”. I did the song with megastar Iggy Azalea’s writer and producer and the song is bomb. I shot the video in Downtown Los Angeles with an amazing team, two super talented dancers and I even included my furry kids Albert Einstein and Daisy Duke – but they do look very different 😉

Note:  No animals were harmed

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What I’m jamming to now

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 There’s nothing better than when you favorite artist releases new music or you discover new music. I love getting ready while jamming to new music and it really helps me get in the mood before an event. I don’t necessarily want to listen to “turn up” songs when I get ready. Sometimes if the song is to wild it stresses me out so badly especially when I put on eyelashes ha ha. Below I’ve posted five songs I’m really into right now especially “Star Boy” with The Weeknd his voice is so sexy! Also really starting to dig Zara Larsson.

Recording w/ Iggy Azalea’s writer/producer

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I’ve been keeping a big secret from you all but I can now finally share it! I was hesitant to share it until it was actually happening. I’ve been working closely with one of Iggy Azalea’s producer and writer and his team who also basically worked on the entire album she recently released and her very first mixtape. These guys are so freaking talented and I’m feeling so lucky that they see something in me and that they want to work with me.

Last week we finished recording our first song together and the song is AMAZING! We are still in the process of mixing it and working on all the details which is a pretty long process especially when I want everything to be great. With a new song also comes a new video. Later this week I’m meeting with two different video teams that did videos for Ariana Grande and Tinashe. Hopefully I’ll be ready to shoot the video soon.

I’m super excited and I can’t wait till the song is ready for you all to listen to <3


Photos by Kevin Arnold

My Danish Radio tour is done

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I’m back in Copenhagen after my very successful radio tour in Denmark – read more here. I visited a bunch of local radio stations gave interviews about my life in Los Angeles, living out your dreams and of course promoting my new single and music video “Wonderland”.

We literally drove from the south of Denmark to the North, Skagen where we also spend the night.

We had the most wonderful time at “Ruth’s Hotel”. After a long day of driving we enjoyed a delicious dinner at the hotel and spend some time at their spa before bedtime. Our room had an ocean view and was so cozy. We really wished we had more time to enjoy beautiful Skagen so we might come back in the Summer. 😉

It was two long and hectic days but it was awesome to get our there and promote my single and meet so many amazing Danes 😉


Thanks to Radio Køge, Radio Sydhavsøerne, Vibe FM, Skaga FM, Radio Limfjord and Radio Silkeborg. 






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