Lower abs for girls #FitnessFriday

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I’ve gotten a lot of requests on how to get rid of your muffin top (lower tummy fat). Especially for girls that is an area that many of us struggle with. I put together a circuit with three exercises that targets your lower abs.

Getting rid of your muffin top you’ll need to burn fat – click here for a great fat-burner work out.

I did three rounds 15 of each exercise. With exercises two and three remember to keep your back flat and suck in your stomach.

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Let’s burn some fat #FitnessFriday

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It’s time for another #FitnessFriday video. This week I’m sharing a great booty burner work out. Amazing for toning and getting your behind tight 😉 And of course you’ll burn fat too.

Watch what I’ve been working on in the dance studio with my choreographer. 

This circuit contains of three exercises. Repeat the circuit 3 times each exercise 15 times.

1.Weighted glute kick back

2. Kettle bell sumo squat jump

3. Jump squat burnout

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Favorite fat burner #FitnessFriday

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As I’ve said before I’m not a huge fan of cardio – actually I low key hate it especially running. And there’s nothing worse than spending 30 minutes on a treadmill haha.

Today on my #FitnessFriday I’m sharing my absolute favorite type of cardio: boxing! It’s a high interval training and burns fat. It’s not too much about the technique and I’m not training to be good I’m simply doing it to burn fat and make myself sweat.

I don’t do a whole hour just a few rounds during my regular work out.

Tone your booty and get rid of cellulites here! 

1. 30 sec of punches

2. 30 sec jumping jacks

3. 30 seconds punches

4. 30 sec mountain climbers

Repeat 5 times. 

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Booty like Jlo – #FitnessFriday

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I’m obsessed with Jennifer Lopez and how freaking good she looks. She has had two kids, she is 46 turning 47 this year and she looks better than anyone I’ve ever seen. It’s unreal.

I know that she kills it at the gym and she does a lot of booty and leg exercises to keep it all looking right and tight. Here is three great exercises to get a booty like Jlo.

1. Hip thrusters on stability ball and boss ball 3×10

2. Barbell pulse lunge 3×10 each leg

3. Sumo squats on boss ball 3×10 (good for cardio and fat burn)

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My Music video work outs #FitnessFriday

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Before shooting my music video – watch it here – I went all in at the gym. I did high intensity and explosive work outs and a lot of lower body exercises.

Here is a circuit I did a lot prior to wearing my Victoria Secret outfit in the cold Mojave desert. It’s explosive and activates a lot of muscles both core and legs. These exercises are great for legs but also for mobility which is great for dancers to be quick.

All exercises I’m wearing the resistant band around my hips/waist:

1.Side shuffles 3×10 each side. Jump as far out as you can and then back.

2. Power jump 3×10. Jump as far out as you can into a squat and then take only two steps back.

3. Alternating lunges 3×10. Don’t step too far back or the band will fall down.

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