New North & Kanye West Video

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 photo Kanye north _zpssmmfrq2l.png

Kanye West went on The Ellen Degeneres show today to talk about being a husband, a daddy and his music. Not only did he say being with Kim Kardashian and being a daddy has made him a better person he also revealed that they are trying to have anther little one:) 

Kanye West also shared a short clip from his new video to his new single “Only One” – Kim’s favorite Kanye song. To everyones surprise baby North is starring in the video even after Kanye West have said he didn’t want his to daughter to be in the “lime light” and didn’t want her to be on mommy’s show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”…. Maybe he is changing? Who knows….

Regardless the video is really cute, emotional and shows a new side of Kanye. I’m digging it 🙂

Here’s a short clip from the new video that he shared on the Ellen show –  Watch the full video exclusively here

Booty work out – #Fitnessfriday

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Let’s start our #FitnessFriday out with a few butt exercises. I did these four exercises yesterday and even tho I work out 4-5 times a week my butt is on fire today. These exercises targets the butt and is very effective especially when you do them all together. I’m not a fan of working out so I always tell my trainer to really target one area and make it hard so I can really feel it and see results fast. I target my butt and legs twice a week to make sure everything stays fit and tight 😉

1. exercise: Bosu ball Glute kick back with 5 pounds ankle weights, 15 reps 3 times. 

2. exercise: A quick feet drill with 5 pounds foot drill 30 seconds 3 times.

3. exercise: Elevated sumo squat with 45 lbs plate 10 reps 3 times.

4. exercise: Elevated ISO Lunge cable pull 10 reps 3 times.

Song: “Throw sum more” Rae Sremmurd ft. Nicki Minaj 

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Photoshop on Instagram?!

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I’ve said it before – don’t believe everything you see on Instagram. Filters, app’s, photoshop etc makes it so easy to look “perfect” – or at least make you look nothing like you do in real life… It’s actually easier to retouch a picture on your phone than doing it is on a computer. Unfortunately SO many people on Instagram uses these “retouching” app’s to look a little better. Remember when I shared my own experience with being a victim of a little “Instagram retouching”? Well if not look here!

The last couple of days this collage of Amber Rose has been circling around on social media and it’s obvious that she uses a little help before sharing her pictures with the social media world.

   photo FullSizeRender_zpsv3hje18p.jpg

On the left side Amber Rose was spotted in Miami at the beach. On the right side is the picture she posted of herself in Miami three days after. It’s easy to see the huge difference, thighs are thicker, her face is thicker, her waist is obviously not as tiny, her knees look fatter and the list goes on. The only thing these two pictures have in common is the short blonde hair do. 

I’m not saying that girls and women have to look a certain way. Personally I could care less about the size of Amber Rose. What I’m addressing is the new trend of “retouching” your pictures before posting them on social media.

Girls stop with the false advertisement. Be proud of what you look like and embrace it and if you don’t like the way you look go to the gym, eat healthy and make a lifestyle change. Please just stop the whole “retouching” thing – it’s not cute. Oh and using a good filter is different than changing your body shape…… #ILoveAGoodFilter 😉

A day in my life thru a lens

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I thought it could be funny to share “a day in my life thru a lens”. Therefore I took a picture every hour from when I woke up till I went to bed and here is what my Wednesday looked like 🙂

9am. Goodmorning! My partner in crime Ida took the doggies out – and I’m ready to shower before my shoot today. Since I stopped washing my hair every day I can’t live without my pink shower cap! 😉 Laugh all you want but my hair has never looked or felt better.  photo IMG_0063_zpspvjpoemp.jpg

10.02am. After answering emails, face timing with Mama-Zanne it’s time for my daily chocolate protein shake. As you can see the babies never leave my side 😉  photo FullSizeRender_zpskaix8tfr.jpg

11.15am. Time to pick out outfits for today’s shoot for the blog. Aaaaaaaaand again the babies are helping.  photo FullSizeRender-13_zps2cfop02l.jpg

12.30pm My partner in crime Ida and I finally picked out three outfits. My hair and make up is done and we are ready to shoot!!  photo FullSizeRender-14_zpsjbnubfhk.jpg

1.45pm. After driving around for a while we finally found our first location  in Culver City. I have never shot out here before but as you can see on our facial expressions we are excited.  photo FullSizeRender-16_zpsm4njogu1.jpg

4.30pm. Sorry you guys I lost track of time while shooting. I pretty much bring the doggies everywhere I go so of course they were with us today too. Between shooting it’s time for a little pee-pee break. Thanks to our sweet auntie Ida 🙂  photo IMG_9836_zpsiv0onqbw.jpg

5.30pm. We went to Tortilla Republic in West Hollywood for Taco-Tuesday. After a long day of shooting and sucking in my stomach in I’m hungryyyyy – time to stuff this little fat face of mine.  photo FullSizeRender-15_zpsg5xz1nfk.jpg

6.45pm. My furry child Albert Einstein has have enough and wants to go home. Who can say no to this little precious face. Home we are going 😉  photo IMG_0048_zpsu0cpvhzl.jpg

7.50pm. After stopping by the grocery store we finally pulled into my garage. Guess I’m not the only one who’s exhausted…..  photo IMG_0051_zpsobq35vlt.jpg

8.45pm. I’m laying on the couch in my Victoria Secret pajamas waiting for my favorite show “The Real Hoursewives Of Beverly Hills” to come on. I love my nights on the couch.  photo IMG_0083_zpshpgphga3.jpg

10.00pm. My show is over – these housewives are cray cray but gosh I love Lisa Vanderpump, she’s too funny. Oh and yes both doggies are all cuddled up under the blanket with me 😉 Btw I’m not sure why I look cross-eyed in this picture ha ha ha!  photo IMG_0084_zpsic9plw2z.jpg

11.05pm. I’ve been postponing this all night but it is time to prepare tonight’s post for you guys. Because of the time difference – since I live in Los Angeles – I always post really late at night to hit your mornings or really early morning here to hit primetime in Europe. I know I know, the MilkyWayS yes there’s two. Can’t enjoy a relaxing night without them and my favorite water; Smart Water.  photo IMG_0055_zpssgbezmln.jpg




12.15am. My post is online and it’s time to take the doggies out for the night. It’s been a long day so I didn’t want to take them on a long walk. Instead I took them down on the side of my apartment complex to the “doggie restroom” where we have a designated area for our dogs to handle their business 😉 Then off to beeeeeed…… Goodnight photo IMG_0114_zpscurgdli4.jpg

NEW Fifty Shades Of Grey Video

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 photo 50-fifty-shades-of-grey-sexy-movie-tie-in-cover-small__oPt_zps57vwqqjn.jpg

While everyone is patiently waiting for Fifty Shades Of Grey I’m still trying to figure out what it’s about… Yea you didn’t misread that – I haven’t read the books (I think there’s more than one right?) so I never really got into it like everyone else. All I really know is that it’s about a girl being tied up while doing the naughty-naughty with a cute boy right?

Well I saw the new video to the soundtrack “Earned it” by The Weeknd and now I’m officially entertaining the thought of watching “Fifty Shades Of Grey”. This video is so hot and the girls look stunning!!! The song is so good an did I mentioned how hot the girls look? I guess I might have to go check it out after all 🙂